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Advanced certificates and credentials

Facility Management (FM) Certificate


The Facility Management (FM) Certificate provides an in-depth, structured program that focuses on the application of best practices for a high-performance FM organization. The FM Certificate takes a project focused, real world approach that adds immediate value and allows participants to earn their certificate as they work. For those seeking to advance their career and their organization, the FM Certificate offers the structure to learn from IFMA Certified Instructors with 85+ years of combined experience and earn a certification from a world-class university.

Professional Procurement Certificate


The Procurement Certificate provides training, from the fundamental basics to more advanced practices, based on 20+ years of procurement practice (in public and private organizations). The industry trainers have created over 2,000 solicitations from a variety of industries (IT, construction, healthcare, FM, etc.). Recognized by industry groups, such as the Center for Procurement Excellence (CPE).  The goals of this program are to enhance the procurement capability of professionals, improve confidence in their roles during the procurement process, and to become more effective leaders during the purchasing and procurement process

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Certificate


The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Certificate provides hands-on training to drive understanding and implementation of BIM into current practices. The program allows participants to utilize different software programs for BIM applications, while building practical templates and projects that can be implemented within their company. This program is useful for those seeking to diversify their skills sets, learn new technologies and improve their organization’s quality through effective use of building information modeling (BIM).

Corporate training programs

We understand that investing in the success of your business, also means investing in the success and professional growth of your people. We have a number of corporate training programs that help incorporate our structured, research-based professional development plans for your employees to provide training toward their individual career goals, while offerings significant cost savings. Contact us for more information about our corporate training programs today.

Skill-based certificates

Operations and Maintenance Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

Building operations and maintenance (O&M) is a broad, diverse, and technically challenging aspect of facility management (FM). It takes a career to become an expert. This certificate will give you exposure to tools that can help you increase efficiency, save money, and add value to a facility’s operations and maintenance program. From this exposure, you will be able to ask good questions, evaluate alternatives, and make critical decisions.

Facilities Project Management Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

Project Management concepts and principles form the foundation of common Facility Manager responsibilities and tasks. The course will cover development of project scope, schedules, budgets and communication plans from a facility manager’s perspective. The assignments are geared toward development of a “Project Manager Handbook,” which will be a useful resource and reference guide for best practices and templates/tools.

Real Estate & Asset Management Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

Facility managers are expected to manage / oversee real estate both as an asset and as an effective environment designed to support the people who use them. Therefore, facility managers need to understand real estate principles and practices so they can: contribute to decisions as they relate to the use of real estate; compare alternative real estate proposals; interpret real estate documents, agreements, and investment recommendations.

Building Energy Management Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

Facility management professionals understand that energy consumption is an important aspect and financial constraint that reflects on overall performance. The goal of this class is to enable participants to identify and perform efficiency evaluations on various types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and methods of adjusting equipment/systems for maximum performance. Participants will also understand techniques to maximize energy savings and performance.


Facilities Management (FM) Leadership Certificate

Program Cost: $900

Facility management professionals combine knowledge of innovative technologies and business management practices to lead diverse projects and personnel. The goal of this certificate is to enable participants to become responsible leaders through organization, leadership, and current/innovative management techniques. As part of this certificate, you will get to know more about yourself as a leader by taking various personality tests and develop your core leadership philosophy through the reading materials and reflections.


Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Certificate

Program Cost: $900

AIA HSW Credits (approved by AIA CES): 22

Disasters and emergencies can occur at any time and anywhere, so it is essential to be prepared to address, mitigate and minimize the impacts of an emergency. This certificate teaches participants about emergency preparedness and business continuity, from a facility manager’s perspective. The assignments are geared to help Facilities Manager’s develop and/or improve their emergency preparedness procedures.


Facilities Management (FM) Technology Certificate

Program Cost: $700

Technology is often an area of great need and opportunity for organizations as a tool for increased efficiency and quality. The successful FM is able to monitor and evaluate technology trends and innovation in order to leverage industry best for their organization. This certificate will expose you to case studies of other successful FM technology endeavors in a variety of organizations, so you can learn from best practices and develop an implementation plan for new technology.


Facilities Management (FM) Finance Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

The financial side of facility management (FM) is a subject that is critical to the core FM function. This certificate will help you gain an overall understanding of financial management in FM. Common terminology, documentation, and procedures for best practices in budgeting and development of business cases are shared. In this Certificate, you will create Financial Performance Indicators for your organization that are crucial to helping communicate the value and impact of decisions around assets, maintenance, and other FM key areas. 


Quality & Process Improvement Certificate

Program Cost: $1,500

This certificate will expose you to professionals in a variety of industries to understand process improvement, tools, methods, and techniques. It teaches an executive’s perspective and how to deliver reports that are of practical use to a variety of stakeholders.  This course not only intends to increase your technical knowledge of advanced concepts, but also will strive to assist you in taking a proactive leadership role in identifying value and improving the current “status quo.”


Cost and payment plans available

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Scholarships are available for U.S. military members (active or discharged) and women in engineering/construction.

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