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We believe that professional development and training should add value, available 100% online and on-demand and be focused on teaching how to apply best practices and tools. We partner with industry experts and professional organizations to develop world-class programs focused on meaningful, personalized learning.

Welcome to your new Fulton Schools Website

To get started, visit our Quick Start Guide to watch a 1-minute video on how to edit your site. Also, we’ve included instructions below on the basics of editing your site, so dig in!

Once you’ve logged in, edit this page to replace this page’s content with your own. This will be your homepage.

Have fun!

Changing the header image

Here are the steps to take to update the header image and title on this page:

  1. Login.
  2. Edit Page > Edit “Page title” text module
  3. Change “Heading 1” text to the title of the page and the paragraph text to the subtitle text, if applicable. Save & Exit.
  4. To change the background image, edit the Section module.
  5. In the Content tab > Background section, hover over the gear icon to select or upload a new image (suggested size: 2000×1125 px). You may also delete the image and set a color or color gradient instead. 
  6. Save & Exit.
  7. Update the page.



Creating new pages using a template

  1. In the dashboard, got to Pages > Add new
  2. Type in the page title, then select it and copy it.
  3. Click “Use the Divi Builder”
  4. Select the “Load from Library” tab and then the “Your Saved Layouts” tab
  5. Click “Load” for the “Basic ASU Web Standards page layout” item
  6. Edit the sections to contain your content.
  7. For each, be sure to “Save” then “Save & Exit” then “Update” the page.

Creating/Editing the Navigation Menu

Once you have created some pages, you can easily add them to the menu:

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Click “create a new menu” and title it “Main Nav”
  3. In the “Pages” box on the left, select the pages you wish to add to the menu and click “Add to menu”
  4. In the Menu Structure area, drag the menu items around to the order you want.
  5. In the Menu Settings area below the menu items, click “Primary Menu”.
  6. Save Menu

Alternatively, you can add your pages to the default Fulton Schools Default Menu, which is selected as the primary menu. If you choose this option, please put the Fulton Schools menu in the right-most position on your menu.