Facility Management (FM) Training Program

The Facility Management (FM) Training Program is offered by Arizona State University, a globally recognized educational leader in training, degree programs, and cutting edge research.  The program was developed for individuals looking for the education and training they need to advance their careers in industry, but without having the restrictions of a degree program.  The FM Training Program includes 10 courses that teach the fundamentals of FM and building operations.

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Duration: 12-18 months

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Each course is designed to target the fundamental concepts of FM. The FM Training Program consists of 10 courses including:

  1. Operations + Maintenance
  2. Leadership + Strategy
  3. Facilities Project Management
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Real Estate + Property Management
  6. Sustainability + Energy Management
  7. Quality Improvement for Organizations
  8. Finance + Business
  9. Technology for FM
  10. Organizational Change Management

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  • Voted #11 best online program for veterans
  • One of the first Facility Management Accredited Degree Programs
  • Licensed International Facility Management Association (IFMA) education provider
  • Faculty consists of Two IFMA Fellows and 3 Globally Recognized Associate Professors
  • Manages the Journal of Facility Management Education and Research (JFMER)  
  • Mentor assigned to each participant is a professional with industry experience


The FM Training Program (FMTP) is designed specifically for veterans and active duty military.  The FMTP is centered on a practical and action approach to learning, by integrating practice and projects into the curriculum that help supplement and enhance participants’ industry experience.  Each course is designed to target the fundamental concepts of FM. Arizona State University offers training and other educational programs, with the FMTP being specifically created for veterans and active duty military.  The FMTP is considered a ‘Correspondence Training’ type of education program based on the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ website.


Each participant will receive a custom schedule with suggested completion dates for material and assignments/projects. This schedule is based on an average of previous student’s experience. The FM courses in this program can be purchased individually or as a program, as a result, the schedules vary in length according to the number of courses and the individual courses selected. The estimated time to complete the full FM Training Program is 12-18 months. For example,if a participant starts a FM Training on January 1, 2018, the anticipated completion date for all 10 courses according to the schedule would be May 6, 2019.



Material for the course(s) selected will be shipped in a package to the participant in the mail. The package includes the participant schedule, books, and all course content including assignments.  All correspondence is achieved by mail. Additionally, copies of the course(s) material can be found online in which access information will be granted in the package received.


Each course contains assignments and projects that are specific to the material covered in that course.  The assignments and projects are graded and suggestions for improvement are made to encourage rigor.  It is an expectation that the participant communicates with their organization’s executive team (if currently employed) on progress and shares completed assignments.  Additionally, a progress report card is generated to communicate with participants about progress and grades.



All materials and books are included within the course package.  We will ship participants a course package that contains all of the assignments as well as the course text books. Additionally, upon registration, the participant is granted access to the course online – via an online platform where instructional videos can be found.


Courses can be purchased individually or as a program (which includes all 10 courses).  When purchased as a program, there is a considerable savings ($1,985).


Each participant will be assigned a mentor to guide them through their selected courses and regularly check in with them to ensure they are making progress.  Mentors are professionals with industry experience and commitment to the FMTP overall program and goals to assist veterans and active duty military service personnel.  Mentorship is a flagship of the ASU program and has historically contributed to the success of this program overall and participants that have completed their program.


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